New Tile Roof Area
Thanks for your friendly and professional work. We doubt you are short of work, but we were very happy with your service/work and would happily provide recommendation if required.
– David E & Anna S, Marrickville

Heritage Listed St Andrew
Five years ago the historic and heritage listed St Andrew’s Anglican Church in Lismore was severely damaged by a hail storm that devastated the city of Lismore.

As a Parish we are delighted that the firm of H G Nielsen & Co Pty Ltd was selected to undertake the repair and restoration of the Welsh slate roof which originated in 1904. Their professional advice during the planning stage and their subsequent attention to safety and detail during the installation process were of the highest order. They cooperated at all times with the church to accommodate disruptions to their schedule caused by the activities associated with a large and busy Parish and its nearby pre-school. At all stages a high level of open communication existed with church officials. Parishioners are delighted with the appearance and quality of the completed work

As a Parish we recommend the firm of H G Nielsen & Co Pty Ltd for work involving the installation of slate roofing.

– Howard Brockington BA, Dip Sch Admin
TC Secretary & Rectors, Warden Lismore Anglican Parish Council

Slate Roofing and Repairs in Sydney
Thomas and Guys.

I’d like to say thanks for a good job. If all jobs went so well it might be a pleasure being a builder.

Cameron Stewart, INTEN, Sydney